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My guitar wiring journey started in 2010 when I ordered a 1989 MIJ Stratocaster from Japan – my first “good” guitar. When the guitar arrived it blew me away, it was exactly what I wanted. Good weight, smooth neck and felt great in my hands. I sat in my living room and played it unplugged for hours because I couldn’t put it down!

My Fender Stratocaster - MIJ
My Fender Stratocaster – MIJ

Everything was great until I plugged in to my amp. The guitars switch made a crackling noise through my amp whenever I moved it and the whole guitar kept cutting out when I bumped the output jack. Also I noticed the tone knobs didn’t really seem to make any difference to the tone.

In the past I had worked on various car and motorbike wiring jobs but I never payed much attention to the wiring inside my guitars. I decided to dive in and replace the old wiring harness so I could be sure all components were in good working condition.
After a lot of research I settled on buying a pre-wired guitar harness from a reputable business online. They had a great reputation and great looking products so I figured I was in safe hands.

I’m glad I did decide to replace the wiring harness. The original harness was wired with very thin wire which was barely hanging on in a few spots. Some ground wires were beginning to break and come loose.

I was excited when the my new wiring harness arrived. Everything was exactly as described, until it came time to fit it in my Stratocaster – it didn’t fit!
Unfortunately my harness had been wired with no thought towards how it would fit inside the body of the guitar. This meant I had to pull apart and rewire the bulk of the harness.

During this process it got me thinking. One of the reasons why you buy a pre-wired harness is for ease of install and to save time. I can do better than this.

And that sparked my guitar wiring journey. I started with rewiring from scratch all my own electric guitars, and then my friends, and eventually my first customers – Guitar Sauce was now created.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of helping everyone from bedroom players to session/working guitarists shape their tone. For many people their guitar is an extension of themselves. A tool used to express themselves, entertain others and sometimes put food on the table. This is why I’m fully committed to creating quality wiring kits for my customers and I love what I do.

Shoot me a message if you think there is something I can help with in your guitar.

ready to inject some tone back into your guitar?

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