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Are the wiring harnesses easy to install?

Yes, I wire them so they are as easy as possible to install.

I clearly label the areas on your harness where you will need to solder wires from your guitar. I will also send you instructions with a very clear list of the wires which need to be soldered so there is no guess work.

An average harness can require around 4-8 wires to be soldered by you. The install takes roughly 45 minutes for most people.

Even if you have never used a soldering iron before, installing your new harness is something that is easily achievable for most people. I am always here to answer any questions you may have during the install process.

Every harness is tested thoroughly in my test rig before it is packaged and shipped to you.

I want to install my new wiring harness myself. Will you help me out if I need it?

I am always here to help!

After you have purchased your upgraded wiring harness, I am only ever a phone call or email away and will respond to you promptly.

I don’t consider my job finished until you have your new wiring harness installed in your guitar, and you’re a happy camper.

What will my guitar sound like with a new harness?

This is a hard question to answer for a specific guitar as there are so many variables across different guitars which affects their tone.

What I can tell you is some of the feedback I have had from my happy customers. Some have described the improvement in tone as:

– No more “muddy” or “tinny” tone
– Fixed tone which was “thin” and lacking
– More volume
– “Clean” and “clear” tone
– Improved the range of tones available

The above is generally how most of my customers describe the improvement in their tone. One customer described it as “it sounds like someone has lifted a blanket off my amp. It no longer sounds muffled”.

If you are experiencing muddy tone from your neck pickup (just as an example), that is something we can work with to try and fix in your harness. I am happy to chat with you before you place an order to see if there is something I can do to remedy the issues you have with your tone.

Check out my testimonials to see how other customers have benefited from a harness upgrade.

What will my new harness sound like with my ‘X’ pickups?

The answer to this one is the same as the previous answer. It is hard to say exactly how a new wiring harness will respond to your specific set of pickups in your guitar. Check out the answer above to see how many of my happy customers have described their tone improvements.

Keep in mind that the tone from your pickups has to pass through your wiring harness before it gets to your amp. This means that if you have awesome new pickups, and you’re using an old wiring harness with dodgy connections and components, it could be robbing you of tone.

Make sure the tone from your pickups is passing through quality components, wiring and solid connections so you know you are getting everything from your pickups. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on new pickups only to enjoy some of the tone they have to offer?

Even your standard pickups can be given a new lease of life by having an upgraded wiring harness fitted. I’ve had a number of customers who were not happy with their tone and considering new pickups to fix it. Instead they installed a new wiring harness and this has given them the tone they were after.

Long shaft or short shaft pots. Which do I need?

Les Paul style guitars will either need long shaft or short shaft pots (the things your volume and tone knobs are attached to).

To help make it easier for you I have a blog post on selecting the correct size guitar pots which will show you what size you need. If you are still not sure then please shoot me a message before placing your order and I can help you out.

I’m fitting my new wiring harness in a guitar which isn’t a genuine Fender or Gibson. Anything I need to know?

If your guitar currently uses metric sized potentiometers (“pots”), output jack or toggle switch then you may need to slightly enlarge the holes in your guitar body or pick guard.

The holes only need to be made slightly larger so it will not affect your guitar in any way. If you decide to reinstall your old metric harness then it will bolt in just fine.

The reason the holes need to be enlarged is we use top quality, American made components which are made to imperial sizes. All quality guitars and guitar wiring harnesses will use these components from these companies (CTS, Switchcraft, etc).

Not sure if your guitar uses metric size components? If your guitar was manufactured in Japan, China, Korea or Taiwan then chances are it is metric.

But to make sure, check out my article on the difference between imperial and metric guitar pots. If your guitar uses metric pots then all your components should be metric.

If all of this has left you scratching your head then don’t worry! Get in contact and I can help you out.

I can’t find a wiring harness for my guitar on your website. Can you make one for me?

In some cases, yes. Shoot me a message and let me know what guitar you have and we can go from there.

I am always working on extending my range of harnesses so keep checking back!

Do you offer free shipping?

I offer free shipping Australia wide for wiring harness orders. All orders are shipped via Australia Post.

If you are located outside of Australia, then please contact me for a shipping quote.

How soon will I get my new harness?

All of my wiring harnesses are made to order.

If you choose to pay via bank deposit then I wont begin work on your order until the funds have cleared in my account. If you pay via Paypal/Credit Card then the money clears almost instantly and I can begin sooner.

All orders are shipped out on Saturdays. Based on my current work load the cut off time for orders to be shipped out in the same week is 5pm on Wednesdays. Any orders received after this time will be shipped the following Saturday. Naturally I will do what I can to get orders out ASAP but I would rather send you a well made, quality harness rather than a rushed one.

If you need a harness faster then the above time frames then please contact me first before placing your order.

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