Which Toggle Switch Do I Need For My Guitar?

There are three main “styles” of open toggle switches commonly used in guitars. You will usually see these different styles referred to as: These have all been created in order to fit inside different guitars of different thicknesses. Switchcraft produces open toggle switches in each of these styles. Here at Guitar Sauce, I only use Switchcraft toggle switches as they … Read More

Leftie Love – Left Hand Guitar Wiring Harnesses Created the Proper Way

It seems that 99% of guitars, parts and accessories (which are asymmetrical) are created for the right handed guitar folk. If I were left handed, it would drive me crazy to keep falling in love with a guitar only to be reminded it was created ‘backwards’ to what I need. And then there is the other problem where a lot … Read More

50s Wiring vs Modern Wiring – What is the difference

50s Wiring vs Modern Wiring – If you have been browsing some of my guitar wiring harness upgrades you would have noticed I offer you this as a wiring option when purchasing a wiring kit. So what is 50’s (aka vintage) wiring and modern wiring? Simply put, what you are selecting here is how you would like your tone controls … Read More

Long shaft and short shaft guitar pots. What do I need?

Some guitars have thicker bodies than others which means you need longer guitar pots to reach through the body. Others only need the pots to be mounted to the pick guard so you can get away with using short shaft pots. So which size do you need? There are two ways to find out: Once you know what size you … Read More

What is the difference between imperial and metric guitar pots?

Electric guitars can come with one of two different sizes of potentiometer. Or commonly referred to as pots. There are no hard and fast rules as to what type of guitar will come with which size pots but usually the following applies: Long shaft guitar pot Long shaft guitar pot One main difference is the size of the bushing on … Read More

What are No-Load Guitar Tone Pots?

No-load guitar tone pot No-load guitar tone pot No-load tone pots look and function exactly like a regular tone pot. When turned between 1 – 9 it works like a regular tone pot. The difference is when the pot is rotated between 9 and 10, it acts as a true bypass system and essentially removes the tone pot and capacitor … Read More