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Leftie Love – Left Hand Guitar Wiring Harnesses Created the Proper Way

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You know, I really feel for all you left handed guitarists out there

It seems that 99% of guitars, parts and accessories (which are asymmetrical) are created for the right handed guitar folk. If I were left handed, it would drive me crazy to keep falling in love with a guitar only to be reminded it was created ‘backwards’ to what I need.

And then there is the other problem where a lot of manufacturers build their left handed guitars with right handed volume and tone pots! The taper in these pots are created for a right handed player which effectively turns the pots into an ‘on and off’ switch when wired for a leftie – no smooth taper.

In comparison to the price of a new guitar, pots are cheap, so it’s astonishing that some companies are still producing their guitars like this.

How can Guitar Sauce help?

This is why I look after our left handed guitar brothers and sisters in the way I can – creating left hand guitar wiring harnesses using the correct pots with a left hand taper.

So, not only can I help you out if you need a wiring harness with short shaft left hand pots, but I modify my own long shaft CTS pots to have a left hand taper also – for some reason CTS does not make long shaft CTS pots. If you have managed to find some, I would love to hear from you!

No more volume and tone controls acting like a light switch!

I can create any of my wiring harnesses in left hand orientation. Feel free to check out my wiring harnesses and just let me know if you need one wired for a leftie.

ready to inject some tone back into your guitar?

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