Les Paul Wiring Harness Upgrade


Quality Les Paul wiring kit for your Gibson, Epiphone or Les Paul copy.

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Where it all began…

It was 1952 when Les Paul debuted the first Gibson Les Paul guitar to the world. The original model featured P90 pickups and the ever-popular gold top finish. By 1957 the P90 pickups were replaced by a new style of pickup – the humbucker. An unmistakable icon had been born which would go on to help shape guitars and the music they create for the next 60 years.

The way in which the Les Pauls wiring and electronics work has not really changed since they were first created. But fortunately manufacturing processes and the quality of components which can be used has improved.

The electrical low-down…

The electrical components inside your guitar are almost never seen and thus, easily forgotten. A number of large guitar manufacturers know this and often “skimp” on the quality of components used and the way they wire them to save on costs.

Something not every player considers…

Replacing your guitar’s pickups is an easy way to improve or alter your tone. But what a lot of players don’t think about is how their signal is carried from the pickups to the amp.

Your signal passes through the guitars wiring harness before travelling to your amp. You do not want crappy components or dodgy wiring robbing you of tone!

This is where Guitar Sauce comes in…

I build your wiring harnesses using the best premium components available and I build them with 110% attention to detail. I also offer unlimited support for the lifetime of your harness.

Your new wiring harness will also help if your guitar is suffering from any of the following:

  • Scratchy pots
  • Signal cuts in and out
  • Tone controls make no difference to your tone
  • Tone becomes too muddy when rolling back the volume
  • Volume or tone controls have no “sweep” and are very abrupt

Your Les Paul wiring harness includes:

4x Premium CTS 500k audio pots
I’ve tried CTS pots from various suppliers and these are the best I have found. Solid brass shaft and bushing. C-clip reinforced shaft and a 30% taper which offers a perfect sweep. I make sure they are all matched to within a +/- 1% tolerance.

Switchcraft straight toggle switch
The best toggle switch around. These are robust and will last for years.

2x Mojo Dijon OR Sprague Orange Drop OR Russian PIO .022uf capacitors
Three popular options to suit most tastes. The Mojo Dijon and Orange Drops are the perfect all-rounder and the Russian PIO help add a touch of warmth to your tone.

Switchcraft mono output jack
The industry standard for output jacks. Solid and dependable.

Vintage style cloth covered 22 gauge black wiring
This quality vintage style wiring is pre-tinned which means it holds its shape and makes soldering a lot easier for you.

All kits are wired with 50’s style wiring.

Some extra info to help you out…

Pot shaft length and switch length

It’s important to know what “size” pots and switch your guitar currently uses. If you order the wrong size they may not fit inside your guitar.

I have created an easy guide which illustrates the difference between long shaft and short shaft guitar pots and shows you how to check what size you need before ordering.

Or do you need help deciding which switch type you need? Visit my blog post on guitar toggle switch types to determine which size you need.

Compatibility with your guitar

Your new wiring kit will fit directly into American made Gibson Les Pauls and any other Les Paul style guitar which use imperial sized pots.

If your guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul or a Les Paul style guitar which currently uses metric sized pots then you will need to slightly widen the holes in the body to fit the upgraded CTS pots.

I have written a helpful guide here which covers the difference between imperial and metric guitar pots, how to check your current pots, and making sure your knobs will fit your new pots.

Scroll down to see answers to frequently asked questions.

Australian Made

Crafted in Australia using premium parts sourced from around the world.

Free Shipping

Within Australia for wiring harness orders.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited support for the lifetime of your wiring harness.

Installation Service

Located on the Gold Coast? Drop off your guitar and I can do the install for you.


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