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It arrived this morning and it is a piece of art. I will be singing your praises to my friends on telecasters web site on I will definitely be sending you my strat controls to up grade next year. Thanks again for all your help.

Ron J – Canberra

Just wanted to let you know I fitted the new wiring kit last night and I am very happy with it all. My second kit from you and I know it won’t be the last. I have recommended you to a few mates so expect a few more orders soon too. Thanks again mate.

Nick N – Melbourne

Thank you very much for the supply and fitment of my Les Paul wiring harness. No more scratchy pots and I am loving the tonal difference from the 50’s wiring!

Andrew K – Gold Coast

Super easy to install. I was up and running in no time. Thank you for the simple instructions, they couldn’t have been easier to follow.

Tony O – Perth

This particular guitar was never wired correctly and had a pretty average sound. After the install of your harness it’s breathed new life into it… it just sounds awesome!

Grant M – Victoria

Dropped straight into my LP no trouble. Very happy with the service thank you.

Paul T – Brisbane

Beautiful sounds now. None are ‘tinny’ & none are ‘muddy’. Loved the harness laid out on the board, idiot-proof. Thanks for the walk-through. I will recommend you to anybody who wants a great sounding guitar.

Neil M – Hervey Bay

I received the rig fine. I’m very happy with it. It fitted as planned and it sound’s great. Thanks for a hassle free transaction mate.

Stephen P – Regency Downs

It really sounds incredible compared to before.
The sound used to be quite thin and lacking, but the new wiring draws so much more out of the pickups.
The new capacitors are a lot larger than the old ones and the cloth covered wiring feels stronger. The wire itself too is thicker which is nice. It’s just a huge improvement to this Epi and I’m sorely tempted to install some hand-wound pickups now

Edward T – Adelaide

Your service is good old fashioned awesome by the way!

Jon A – Parrearra

I had been putting up with a dodgy pickup selector for too long! I wish I knew about your wiring harnesses sooner, but the axe is sounding great now! Cheers.

Johnno B – Brisbane

It was great, it’s a new guitar. I put it through a 90’s Vox AC-15 (TrebleBoost) with a Swart Atomic Boost (Set on Midrange) and it was particularly nice especially in the middle position. On the whole the guitar was louder without being overly trebly – a plus considering it can be a screechy guitar.

Lyndon S – Brisbane

I’ve installed a Gibson classic 57 in the neck and i’m still waiting on the Angus Young for the bridge so I left the standard bridge pickup in place. It’s a totally new guitar. The tone of the standard pickup at the bridge has improved considerably but the Gibson in the neck is in a league of it’s own. It’s exactly what I was after. The install was a breeze due to your labels and advice.
I’ve found the whole experience very positive from first finding your website to receiving and installing the goods. I’m glad I found the website as I was considering buying all the components from the US and assembling myself.

James O – Adelaide

I can not give you any bad feedback, your service in my opinion was perfect, the harness is perfect.

Mathew N – Sydney

Quick turn around time and free shipping – you can’t argue with that. Will definitely be contacting you in the future for a kit for my Telecaster.

Tai G – Sydney

Thanks for the great wiring kit. I’ve installed it in my 2011 Gibson SG Standard along with a pair of 57 pickups. I am really happy with the end results, sounds really nice. I’ve tried doing my own wiring before but my soldering skills are average and I could never get a nice professional finish like yours.

Damian G – Tasmania

I compared to how she sounded before the electronics were replaced to now, and she absolutely smokes!
The neck pickup, stock, isn’t actually that bad at all! it’s got this lovely buttery tinge to its lovely rounded quack. Perfect for those crunchy cleans, especially with a Vox AC30. Absolutely gorgeous.
When I kick it into the bridge, the lack of a tone knob really does bring out everything the pickup has to offer. I’m using a Brierley Hot Alnico Vintage, something like that. All I know is that it yells out something fierce! It’s getting me into the habit of actually using the damn controls. That and that extra little bit of high end really does give that sizzle you have to hear to believe.
All in all, absolutely love the Tele wiring mate. You’ve given me exactly what I needed, Thank you VERY much!

John M – Ashgrove

The wiring kit is in, no trouble at all, the clear labeling, including pickup wiring points meant it was done in 30 minutes. My Chinese knock off LP is now clean and clear, no longer muddy and dull with no tone control. Ps was very well packaged and very professionally laid out, very impressed indeed.

Robert K – Victoria

The Squier Jazz bass was a total transformation in sound the volume output was doubled as well, not surprising when I saw the tiny cheapo pots that were inside when I opened her up.
The Gibson Les Paul has much improved tone range, and I’m able to dial in a brighter sound. The neck pickup is where I’m hearing the main improvement as the tone knob actually makes a difference now.

Pete C – Wellington Pt

Had a good play over the weekend with my new harness installed. Sounds awesome!!!! I love it! I coupled it with some new Dimarzio PAF Masters. Sooooo good. I’m very happy. Thank you.

Andrew W – Yanchep

I couldn’t be happier with the performance and sound of the new wiring. Fantastic smooth volume and tone control + noiseless switch operation!

Roger C – Landsborough

The harness has arrived and I fitted it today. I must say its a nice bit if kit and you have done a great job, thank-you.
I can fully recommend Guitar Sauce harnesses, service is prompt and the product far exceeds the wiring that came with my Chinese kit. If you are self building, Guitar Sauce should be your first port of call and I will certainly be buying from them again.

Graham H – Tasmania

The pots feel great, very fast and smooth which is great as I lay on them quite a bit for different amounts of gain/overdrive.
Pickups sound quite bright now and clear without being overly trebly. Quite good for what appear to be Epiphone branded generic pickups.
Very happy with the purchase and thanks for all your help!

Richard K – Victoria

Received the harness yesterday and have installed it into my firebird…. its made a massive difference to the tone and clarity….really happy with the results….thanks for your help and emails…it made the installation quite easy…thanks again mate….great work.

Wayne M – Victoria

You and your awesome harness has brought my Strat back to life, giving me the tone I’ve been after for a long time.
Also, thanks for your help and expert advice during its installation.

Michael R – Empire Bay

I’ve finished installing the wiring kit in the Esp and am extremely happy with it. It’s sounding killer. The PIO capacitor makes a huge difference with the tone compared to the old plastic one, nice and smooth. Thanks Damian. Ps I’ll probably get a kit for my strat in the near future.

Damian G – Tasmania

I installed it and all is good. The kit, plus the mojotone vintage P90’s have worked wonders with the tone of this guitar.
Thanks for your work mate. Will be re-wiring some other guitars this year and I will be back in touch for some more kits.

Russel P – WA

All I can say is total transformation of the quality of sound, And I didn’t think that P90 pickups could sound so powerful so there you go! One very happy customer!

Tim Bowles – SA

I must say that I am amazed at the improvement!! I feel as if I have a new guitar.
The increased and even range of tonal quality has really surprised me considering the kit provided pickups have not changed.
What I really like is that I no longer get booming in the bass strings and associated muting of the treble strings when I adjust the tone for a smooth jazz sound. The guitar comes alive when I am seeking a bright more lively sound. Overall it now sounds great.
I must admit I did think my problem was pick up related and I was a bit skeptical when your website suggested that the harness was likely to be the problem, but now I am converted.

John M – Normanvill

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