Which Toggle Switch Do I Need For My Guitar?

There are three main “styles” of open toggle switches commonly used in guitars. You will usually see these different styles referred to as:

  • Long Straight
  • Short Straight, or
  • Right Angle

These have all been created in order to fit inside different guitars of different thicknesses.

Switchcraft produces open toggle switches in each of these styles. Here at Guitar Sauce, I only use Switchcraft toggle switches as they are top quality and built to last.

Check the table below to see which style toggle switch your guitar requires.

Make & Model Year Switch
All Gibsons 1952- 1977 Long
Les Paul Historic Models All Years Long
Les Paul Studio All Years Short
Les Paul Traditional All Years Long
Les Paul Deluxe All Years Long
Les Paul Classic All Years Long
Les Paul Special All Years Short
SG (all models) All Years Short
335 All Years Short
Flying V All Years Short
Explorer All Years Short
Epiphone & Import LP All Years Short

If your guitar is not listed above, check out the diagrams below. They display the measurements of each of the three switches so you can compare against the switch currently have in your guitar.

Short Straight Toggle Switch

Long Straight Toggle Switch

Right Angle Toggle Switch

Still not sure?

If you have questions and can’t decide which size pot is right for your guitar, then feel free to shoot me a message and I will be happy to help you out.

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