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Guitar Wiring Upgrades – What Are They And Why You Should Consider One

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If you are looking to upgrade or modify your guitar in anyway, a quality wiring harness should be at the top of your list. They are one of the cheapest worthwhile upgrades you can make and they are definitely one of the most cost effective in terms of delivering bang for buck.

To get the tone you want, a quality wiring harness should be your first investment.

Replacing cheap stock electrical components can help give your guitar more bite, clarity and definition, among other things. They can really help open up the tonal diversity of your guitar.

If you want to experiment with a new wiring style or setup in your new wiring harness, then you can open up the possibility for a whole new range of tones from your guitar. This is definitely a very cost effective way of making your guitar an ‘all rounder’ that can play a variety of different styles.

Keep reading below to find out why you should consider the upgrade.

Quality of components vs standard

Unfortunately, guitar manufacturers are always trying to cut costs to stay competitive, and this usually comes at the expense of quality.

One of the ways they can achieve this is by using very cheap electronics. They are hidden away inside the guitar where most people never bother looking. If you were to look at the wiring on many ‘copy’ guitars or guitars manufactured in Asia, quite often you find a birds nest of thin wiring, poor connections and soldering, and very cheap parts.

But don’t think that you will only find cheap electronics in lower end guitars. There have been cases of Gibson selling their R8 LP model with very cheap electronics in disguise. We’re talking about a $3000+ guitar here.

Allows your pickups to breathe

So you got yourself a new set of Seymour Duncan/Lace Sensor/DiMarzio/etc pickups for your pride and joy. That’s great! But have you given any thought to the wiring and electrics that carry that delicious tone juice from those new pickups to your amp?

Don’t let cheap electronics dampen the tone from those expensive pickups. For only a fraction of the price of some pickups, it is definitely worthwhile making sure your wiring harness is the best it can be and will deliver everything those pickups have to offer.

Even if you are using your guitars standard pickups, an upgraded wiring harness can really breathe life into your guitar.

I always recommend upgrading your wiring harness before jumping in and buying new pickups. Quite often the tone you were after can be achieved with your standard pickups at a fraction of the cost. And if after installing an upgraded wiring harness you are still seeking more; well then at least you know you have a solid base for those new pickups to play through!

Does your tone control barely make any difference to your tone?

Cheap tone pots and caps used in some guitars almost render the tone controls useless. I have seen (and owned) plenty of guitars where this is the case. Installing some quality pots and appropriate sized caps can make those tone knobs useful again and you will get some tonal diversity you never had before.

Allows for different wiring combinations

Grown tired of the pickup selector setup you currently have? Or perhaps it is lacking something you need to get the tone you want? For example, a popular wiring mod on a Stratocaster is to wire in a tone control to use with the bridge pickup.

Changing wiring so different pickups are ‘active’ in different switch positions can open up a whole new world of tonal possibilities for you.

Allows different components to be used

A new wiring harness is also a perfect opportunity to incorporate some new components into your wiring harness. Things such as push/pull or push/push pots or even no-load tone pots.

Same deal as the different wiring combinations; incorporating some of these different components can open up new tonal possibilities to help you get the tone you want for the style of music you play.

Components like the push/pull and push/push pots can widen the range of tones you can achieve to make that favourite guitar of yours the perfect all rounder.

Why should I purchase a Guitar Sauce wiring kit?

Always quality parts used

I insist on only using quality parts – you wont find cheap Chinese made parts in any of my kits. All of my parts are sourced from the USA apart from one exception, our Russian PIO caps which are sourced directly from Russia.

Pre-purchase advice

Not sure what direction you want to take with your wiring? Or maybe you simply need help deciding which kit will fit your guitar?

I am here to help you with these decisions and guide you in the right direction based on your requirements.

When my wiring kits turn your guitar into a favourite you can’t put down, then I consider my job done.

All wiring kits are pre-assembled

Pre-assembled means less mucking around and no headaches when fitting your wiring kit.

All you need is a soldering iron and 45 minutes as I have done all the hard work for you. There are only a few wires you will need to solder yourself.

Easy installation with labelled parts

I understand that wiring diagrams aren’t for everyone. I know they can be confusing and time spent deciphering these diagrams is time that is better spent playing!

Installing my wiring kits is super easy as I label the points on the wiring kit where you need to solder your pickups etc. This eliminates all guess work and assures you will get it right first shot. I also supply crystal clear instructions.

Install Support

I am here to help guide you through fitting your new wiring kit and to have your guitar singing in no time. Support is unlimited as I do not consider my job done until you have successfully installed your new wiring kit.

Any questions you may have I am happy to answer via email or phone. And if you are located in or around the Gold Coast, I am more than happy to fit your new kit for you.

Check out my range of guitar wiring harness upgrades. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, then shoot me an email and I will be happy to help.

ready to inject some tone back into your guitar?

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