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Long shaft and short shaft guitar pots. What do I need?

How to tell what size pots your guitar uses. Helpful if you're planning on replacing the wiring in your guitar. We show you what you need to measure to decide.

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Some guitars have thicker bodies than others which means you need longer guitar pots to reach through the body. Others only need the pots to be mounted to the pick guard so you can get away with using short shaft pots.

So which size do you need? There are two ways to find out:

  1. Pull a pot out of your guitar and measure the length of the bushing (the threaded section). If it measures approximately 19mm, then you need long shaft pots. If it measures approximately 10mm then you need short shaft pots.
  2. Or you can check out the table below!

Once you know what size you need, check out my guitar wiring harness kits.

Make & ModelYearShaft
Les Paul Standard1952- 1977Short
Les Paul Standard1977-currentLong
Les Paul Custom1954-1977Short
Les Paul Custom1977-currentLong
Les Paul Deluxe1968-1977Short
Les Paul Deluxe1978-currentLong
Les Paul Pro1977-1982Long
Les Paul StudioAll YearsLong
Les Paul Classic (1960)All YearsLong
Les Paul Jr.All YearsShort
The PaulAll YearsShort
SG (all models)All YearsShort
ES SeriesAll YearsShort
StratocasterAll YearsShort Split
TelecasterAll YearsShort Solid
Telecaster CustomAll YearsShort Solid
Telecaster DeluxeAll YearsShort Shaft
Telecaster ThinlineAll YearsShort Solid
Jazz BassAll YearsShort Solid
Precison BassAll YearsShort Solid
All Models (excludes hollow body)All YearsShort

Still not sure?

Even if your guitar is listed on the above table, I always recommend to measure a pot in your guitar just to be certain.

If you have questions and can’t decide which size pot is right for your guitar, then feel free to shoot me a message and I will be happy to help you out.

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